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Some of English literature’s most distinguished practitioners in the 20th century—from Joseph Conrad at its beginning to V.S. Naipaul and Tom Stoppard at its end—were born outside the British Isles. What is more, none of the aforementioned had as much in common with his adoptive country as did, for instance, Doris Lessing and Peter Porter (two other distinguished writer-immigrants to Britain), both having been born into a British family and having been brought up on British Commonwealth soil. Several general books based on the ideas of romantic nationalism were published; the most representative is perhaps Archibald MacMechan's Headwaters of Canadian Literature (1924). E.K. Brown's writings, especially On Canadian Poetry (1943), best exemplify the continuing tradition. Lionel Stevenson's Appraisals of Canadian Literature (1926) made some interesting revisions to the main tenets of romantic nationalism in order to approach the older generation of Canadian poets more flexibly. Bitcoin mining pool cloud

The work of critics is generally to define, classify, interpret and judge literature, but which of these activities achieves prominence varies from period to period and from place to place. In countries such as France and England, where the classics are widely agreed upon, little need exists to define the national literature (it is simply understood to be these classics) or to promote it (since all agree that the classics should be widely read and taught). When such a consensus exists, critics can devote their time to editing famous texts or to interpreting famous authors. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a principal source of modern literary theory in English, made little direct impression in 19th-century Canada, largely because literary life in Canada shared the anti-theoretical biases of Victorian England.

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