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5. Zackees LED Turn-Signal Bike lights in Cycling Gloves. Sol >Very pleased with this light kit. Light housings are well built and the wiring harness and connectors are well made. Install was easy and the supplied hardware and brackets are of good quality. Mounted nicely on my Dirtracks full crash guard.

Installed these on my 2010 KTM 450-EXC since the factory ones were easily damaged. I utilized contact cement to glue rubber seal to bottom of L.E.D. signal since the mounting area on the KTM was not flat. This prevented the rubber seal from moving out of position. This is why fitment rating is only 4. I also utilized the two flat washers from the old KTM signals plus two more washers plus longer 5mm screws to fasten L.E.D. signals to existing mounting holes. I solder and heat shrink my electrical connections and utilized the electrical connectors from the damaged KTM rear signals. This way everything plugs into the factory KTM wiring harness. So if the next owner wants to return KTM back to factory specifications with O.E.M. signals, it is plug and play compatible. I realize it probably does not meet D.O.T. specifications rear signals are not a minimum distance apart but better than no signals. This is why visibility rating is 4 as well. Great value for the dollar and very reasonable shipping. Also, I must admit that the amount of information available about this branch on Internet is very less and students often feel guilty for choosing this branch as they absolutely do not know even a single thing about Mining but take up this branch for the sake if IIT tag or if he/she doesn’t have any other better option in hand, very less to few people take up this branch with interest and it is very likely to change their interest after joining a mining firm.

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