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The most popular and well-read column in Dermatology Nursing has been compiled into this "best of" reference guide. What's Your Assessment? is a collection of dermatology cases with color photos is designed to help readers answer their skin-related questions, enhance their visual diagnostic skills, and advance their patient care. Goal: ANIA will provide quality informatics educational opportunities. Mining foreman burst ii

An archival list of ‘keystone’ articles written by approximately 100 Nursing Informatics (NI) pioneers is now available for review. At least one published article written by a NI Pioneer was compiled as an example of the early writings on ‘Computer Applications in Nursing’ now called ‘Nursing Informatics.’ Starting in the early 1970s and on through 1990s, this list of journal articles demonstrates the depth and breadth of NI topics as highlighted by the pioneers’ article titles as well as the titles of the journals publishing the articles. The titles focus on all areas of the nursing profession, namely, nursing practice, nursing administration, nursing education and nursing research. These articles illustrate that Nursing Informatics, this new specialty, was on the forefront of the nursing profession prior to be recognized by the American Nurses Association in 1991. Goal: ANIA will advance informatics through professional activities. Exchange test mail

Develop a task force of volunteers to interpret and respond to informatics related issues as needed Maintain and develop mentoring tools and resources. Third, past work on social ties and health habits tends to emphasize the benefits of social ties for health, yet research on stress clearly shows that strained social ties undermine health. Given the ability of social ties to have both positive and negative effects on health, existing research has likely underestimated the true impact of social ties on health. Future research should consider how the positive and negative facets of social ties work together to influence health outcomes, as well as consider how this balance may vary over the life course and across social groups.

Pete Boyd Liz Lawley Learning in Health and Social Care Pages:  292-300 First Published:  18 November 2009. Sarah Hean Deborah Craddock Cath O’Halloran Learning in Health and Social Care Pages:  250-262 First Published:  18 November 2009. Mining foreman burst ii
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