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Manufactures a wide range of products such as LCD's, VCR's, computers, semiconductors and TV's. Established in 1912 by Hayakawa Tokuji, who three years later invented the Ever Sharp mechanical pencil from which the company name is derived. Pioneered integrated-circuit technology and its R&D force of over 6,000 continues to produce developments in laser and magnetic technology. Sharp's line of high-tech digital TVs includes the Aquos wide-screen range. Products are sold in over 140 countries worldwide. Until 2000, sponsor of the world's richest soccer team, Manchester United. Headquarters are in Osaka. 97). Changed to its present name in 1958 and grew into Japan's leading manufacturer of audio and visual electronic equipment. The Sony trademark is registered and recognized worldwide. The first Japanese company to offer shares on the US stock market. Creator of such products as the Walkman , the PlayStation and the AIBO , a pet robot dog. The AIBO was available only on the Internet in June 1999, and the limited run sold out in a few hours. Due to huge demand, Sony went through several design changes and sold tens of thousands of the "pets."

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